How to Watch YouTube Videos in China?

Many people have known that Youtube is blocked in China. For this reason, many foreigners who visit China for the first time were frustrated by the fact that they could no longer watch YouTube videos any more in this country.

As a matter of fact, in addtion to YouTbue, there're many website and services are blocked in China, such as Google, Twitter etc. 

Is it still possible to watch YouTube vidoes in China? The answer is yes. With correct tools and method, you should be able to watch YouTube videos in China. 

Here's an details article on how to watch YouTube videos in China. Basically, this article recommend using VPNs to bypass the contents blocking in China. It also mentioned other tools such as web proxy. But according to its author, VPN, especially paid VPN service, is the best option for bypassing blocking and thus watching YouTube in China. I found this article really helpful for people who are interested in unblocking YouTube in China.

You can also find resources such as best VPNs for China on this website: