Are You Working With the Right Digital Marketing Company?

So, you’re currently working with a digital marketing company. Well done! You’re trying to make the most of your business and website by investing in clever strategies. But, wait a minute. You’re having doubts? Doubts are a normal part of life. Nobody ever knows if they’re doing the right thing or if they are where they should be. We can sit here and ask ourselves ‘what if?’ all day long, or we can do something about it. This post should help you work out whether you’re working with the right digital marketing company or not:

They Keep You Updated

A good digital marketing company will keep you updated on how you’re doing. They might call you, leave a message, or write you an email. Don’t expect updates from them every few days, or even every few weeks though. Results take time, so calling you with updates is going to get pretty boring.

You Understand One Another

You know that when you speak to your digital marketing company, there are no crossed wires. You understand one another. They get what you want, and they try to help you. You get what they’re telling you. They don’t try to use big words to confuse you or dazzle you. There’s no doubt in your mind that you’re on the same page. They definitely don’t pressure you into doing things you don’t want to do!


credit: Flickr

They Get You Results

An obvious one; the right digital marketing company will get you results. They’ll do it in a reasonable timeframe, but you can’t rush these things. If you’ve been working with them a while and haven’t had any results yet, you need to re-think who you’re doing business with. Just don’t be hasty - it’s rare that you get results overnight!

They Keep Their Promises

If they make you promises, for example, ‘we’ll have you ranked on the first page in 2 months’, they keep them. A good company won’t make promises that they can’t keep.

They Don’t Try too Hard

Of course, the right digital marketing company will try very hard to please you and get you the results you want. However, they don’t put pressure on you. Alarm bells should ring if a company seems desperate for whatever reason.

They Use Legitimate Techniques

Finally, the right company will use legitimate techniques. They won’t need to use black hat techniques to get results. In the long run, black hat techniques are worthless. They explain clearly the results they’re using and you have peace of mind. At the end of the day, it’s your business on the line. If the correct techniques aren’t being used, then you’ll pay for it in a big way in the end.

By now you should have a pretty good idea of whether you’re working with the right digital marketing company. I hate to say it, but some people are just bad clients. They blame their digital marketing company for the silliest things, and wonder why they haven’t had big results in a few weeks. Don’t let this be you!