Check Out These Online Brand Management Tips

When you run a business, one of the things you need to do is set up an online presence. The Internet has proven to be a lucrative way of generating revenue for organizations. For many years now, people have turned to the Internet to have an extra marketing and sales channel..

It’s one thing setting up a new website and some social media profiles. But it’s another knowing what people are saying about your brand online. Sure, you can spend an hour a day checking your social media pages for comments.

The only trouble is; the Web is a big place! There are around one billion websites live as I write this blog post. Many of them serve as community forums, blogs and discussion sites. And it’s on those sites where a lot of comments get made about brands and their products and services.

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So, just how can you keep a handle on what gets said about your brand on the World Wide Web? Check out these dynamite online brand management tip and tricks!

Hire a social media officer

You will be doubtless busy throughout your day. You will have a thousand and one things to do, with little time to complete them all in. So it stands to reason that you need to delegate some stuff to other people!

When it comes to social media management, one of the best things you can do is hire a social media officer to help you out. For them, it’s their dream job because they get to spend their day on Facebook!

Of course, they also have to do other things. Examples including searching for keywords that relate to your brand. They will do periodic searches on Facebook and Twitter news feeds. And they can respond to anyone that has questions about your brand.

From an expense point of view, you don’t need to pay social media officers a lot of money. It’s possible to hire interns or university graduates looking for a start in the marketing sector.

Use a reputation management platform

The next thing you can do is use a system that can automate many of the searches a social media officer will do. SEO experts, for example, use many a white label reputation management platform.

They are like software control panels for your business on the Internet. You can find out what people think of what you do, and create reports on where people talk and what they say. Do you want to launch an aggressive online marketing campaign? If so, such platforms can help you to track conversions.

Integrate your website with social media

OK, so you might have an attractive website that’s quick to load and easy to use. But how well does it integrate with social media?

For instance, some websites offer the chance for people to log in to your website using their Facebook or Twitter profiles. Did you know that, by not offering such features, you can lose a significant amount of new signups to your website?

Now that you’re armed with the above knowledge, it’s time to put it all into action. Good luck!