Click Ad Equalizer Review

Click Ad Equalizer is cutting-edge, state-of-the-art software that can give you the advantage you need to make your affiliate programs and keyword advertising soar to new levels. No other software has been able to replicate or provide the same menu of services and features that are offered by Click Ad Equalizer.

Whether you already sell something online, or just looking to start, you owe it to yourself to let Click Ad Equalizer find your keywords and show you how to succeed! - With the click of a button, Click Ad Equalizer lets you know what the hottest search terms are, what products are selling with each keyword, the cost-per-click across cheaper search engines, and much, much more...

Just think of all the untapped profits you find when you begin to drill down thousands of related keywords with this data at your fingertips, picking and choosing from the most profitable products and keywords in a self-contained, PERFECT marketplace...

Here is a small taste of how Click Ad Equalizer can benifit you:

1 Build Multiple Streams of Income!

Why promote one product when you can promote hundreds? Click Ad Equalizer will show you exactly which products affiliates are selling, in order from most popular to least popular across Google for every related keyword for that product. Instead of making hundreds of dollars every day, you can easily make thousands! Click Ad Equalizer instantly lets you know what's working and what's not.

2 No Guess Work!

Click Ad Equalizer let's you know exactly what products are hot and which products are selling for each related keyword. The keywords and are displayed before you in an easy-to-read, market-share pie graph so you can quickly determine whose affiliate program to join, which affiliates to contact, and/or who your competition is.

3 Know the Competition!

Save valuable time and money by knowing exactly how many competitors are bidding on YOUR keywords in Google, Overture, Findwhat, Enhance, and Brainfox!

4 Get Cheaper Traffic!

Once Click Ad Equalizer let's you know what products to sell and which keywords to use, it will also show you where to get the cheapest traffic.

5 Conduct Multiple Searches Simultaneously!

Click Ad Equalizer allows you to conduct multiple searches at the same time. The multi-tab interface will allow you to find the most obscure keywords, generating even further revenue for your ad word campaign!

6 Top 1000 Searches And The Products Being Sold!

By using Click Ad Equalizer's Top 1000 daily searches button, you'll always be on top of what people are searching for and which products affiliates are selling on those words. It just doesn't get any easier!

7 Wordtracker Compatibility!

Click Ad Equalizer is 100 percent compatible with Wordtracker! It's easy to import your Wordtracker keyword lists into Click Ad Equalizer.

8 Export Your Search Results!

Click Ad Equalizer allows you to export your search results into either HTML or CSV formats and will use only the information that is most important to you. You decide the columns you want to export!

9 Sort Your Searches!

Click Ad Equalizer lets you sort your searches by month, day, year, results, R/S ratio, Google campaigns, Overture campaigns, amount of affiliate ads, the most popular products, FindWhat campaigns, Ah-Ha (Enhance) campaigns, Brainfox campaigns, plus Ad Count and Popular Count!

10 Affiliate Equalizer!

The Affiliate Equalizer is a simple pie graph interface that tells you the exact order in which affiliates are promoting products. This allows you to see exactly what to promote and will let you know when a new product enters the market.

11 Ride the Backs of Your Competitors!

By using Click Ad Equalizer, you'll be able to watch your competition take all the risk while you ride in on their coattails, benefiting from their research. You'll cherry-pick what's working and what's not!

12 No More Outdated eBooks!

When it comes to affiliate marketing, time is of the essence. Information that was valuable yesterday is garbage today. Click Ad Equalizer allows you to be consistently ahead of the curve. Throw away those outdated eBooks! Click Ad Equalizer is going to take you to the top of the internet marketing game!

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