eBook Review: Google AdWords 123

There are a few eBooks on Google Adwords on the market, but I found Google AdWords 123 (by Greg Heslin) is really worth reading.

I bought this book online and finished reading it in half day. I think and key strength of Google AdWords 123 is that the author has taken a non-BS step-by-step approach in writing this book. The steps are very clear and well-organized such that everybody can easily get started by following the steps.

Beginners will benefit from this book because Grey Heslin has written a good introduction on what affiliate marketing is and how it works. If you are brand new at affiliate marketing, this book can get you started easily. On the other hand, book has also gone into great details talking about all aspecets of seting up PPC campaign such as how to choose keywords, how to write ad contents, how to monitor your campaigns etc. For people like me who have already been doing adwords, this book is full of good advices and helpful tips.

Many of us have known that staring early 2005 Google changed their Adwords policy so that it only allows one unique web page per keywords search term. Google AdWords 123 has addressed this issue and the author has presented a method to get around this problem.

I think one of the main reasons this book is valuable is because the author is from the marketing background; unlike other gurus, his approaches and steps are backed by valuable marketing theories. When you read this book, you will find a key approach he has taken that distinguish him from other Adwords marketers.

Overrall, I feel that Google AdWords 123 is a well-written ebook and I think it's the best ebook on Google Adwords that I have read so far.