SEO Elite Review

Is it really possible to achieve a number one position in search engines using SEO Elite? "Yes!" says Brad Callen, SEO Consultant & Internet Marketer and creator of this revolutionary software. " SEO Elite is NOT another costly search engine optimization (SEO) service, outdated search engine 'how-to' program, or complex software that uses illegal or unethical tricks to gain top search engine rankings."

One of the main factors in achieving a top 10 ranking is getting links to your website. Not just any links, but quality links, relevant to your website. However, building links can be a laborious and extremely time consuming process. SEO Elite simplifies the process and allows you to find and email thousands of link partners in a matter of seconds. It saves an incredible amount of time and effort by allowing you to automatically monitor your keyword rankings for an unlimited number of websites and keywords on all major search engines which include: Google,Yahoo, MSN, Altavista and Alltheweb.

SEO Elite also checks whether your link partners are still linking back, checks where your site ranks on all major search engines, shows which pages have been picked up by the search engines and searches for super affiliates willing to promote your products, besides several other features.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an expensive and time consuming process. This new software promises to achieve the same results as expensive SEO services, for a fraction of the price.

"My niche in the SEO community is to find new and effective tools to help other SEO's and webmasters gain top positions." says Aaron Wall, Professional SEO ( "I have reviewed tons of software and have yet to find another link analysis tool with as many features as SEO Elite, let alone at it's bargain basement price. I am wondering why Brad hasn't raised the price yet."

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