The Daily Realities Of Working In SEO

Anyone who likes the idea of working in the digital arena will have to make a choice concerning which niche they want to pursue. At the current time, lots of talented individuals are choosing to concentrate their efforts on finding SEO work. To help set the record straight, we got in touch with a top professional to find out about the true realities of the job. They gave us a basic outline of what their working day involves, and we’ve chosen to publish it below. We hope doing that will assist you in making your decision. At the end of the day, it seems a little silly to put lots of effort into getting a job about which you know very little.

Dealing with clients

In the morning, most SEO specialists will spend time dealing with their clients. That could mean holding Skype calls, using the telephone, or sending lots of emails. For larger contracts, you might even have to meet with them in person. Your clients are always going to have questions and queries that you need to answer, and so you need to be comfortable with social situations. That is especially the case when meeting in person or talking on the telephone. When all’s said and done, all your clients need to feel reassured that their investment had been put to good use.

Altering websites

The way in which a website is constructed, and the type of tags used can make a real difference to SEO. So, anyone looking to work for a digital marketing agency will need at least basic web design skills. Your clients will hand over the passwords for their sites and allow you to start making changes. That could also mean that you might have to write creative content for their pages. Essential keywords should make up around 1-3% of all the text used on the website. That is how you will get the best results.

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Performing research

When you find SEO work with a web marketing agency, you will need to get used to performing research. Unless you have a mind not too dissimilar from Rain Man, it will be impossible for you to know everything. Your clients will sometimes pay for you to assess their sites and search for the best keywords. Thankfully, there are many tools SEOs now use to make that happen. Depending on your employer, you might have multiple software options available. So, don’t worry too much. You shouldn’t have to sit there all day long typing possible phrases into search engines.

Sending reports

Everyone who works in SEO will need to get used to creating client reports. After business owners spend a significant amount of money with your company, they will want to see the results. Reports usually contain information about ranking improvements and other key elements of your strategy.

Now you know about the daily realities of working in SEO, you should be better equipped to make the right decision. Just remember there are many other job ideas within the same arena that might be suitable. So, don’t rush into anything just yet. Take a look at the possibility of becoming an online advertising specialist at the very least. Those guys earn a fortune!