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Submit Sitemap to Yahoo and MSN

Sitemaps are starting to become nearly ubiquitous, but we've seen a lot of sites ignoring Yahoo! and MSN - a big mistake! You can seriously boost your search traffic referrals from these engines by not only submitting, but verifying/registering your sitemaps with them. Yahoo!'s registration is here, and MSN/Live's is here. ... ❯❯❯

WordPress XML-RPC Remote Posting Problem

I was trying to use Windows Writer to post to a WordPress blog. However, I got an error message saying "xmlrpc.php 403 forbidden". After some research, I finally found the solution. Just add the following lines to the .htaccess file: <Files xmlrpc.php> SecFilterInheritance Off </Files> ... ❯❯❯

Lenovo ThinkPad and Slow IE New Window

I just purchased a Lenovo ThinkPad notebook computer (T61). This notebook is supposed to be very fast. However, everytime when I used IE and clicked on a link that tried to open a new brower window, it'd be very slow and it'd take a long time for the new window to be loaded. Finally I figured out the cause of this problem: It's the two ThinkPad add-ons: ThinkPad Password Manager and... ❯❯❯

Web Design: Boxes with Rounded Corners

You will find that boxes with rounded corners are just a taste of web 2.0 design. You will see the rectangular shapes are for more professional websites, but you’ll also find the the rounded boxes more it look more playful and even more modern. You’ll find these are used on sites that indorse entertainment. You’ll find that these boxes can be used in so many ways, but you’ll want to keep... ❯❯❯

Review of Slhost Hosting: SLHost sucks!

If you ask my experience with I'd just say: SLHost sucks. I have been hosting a website with and recently it was down. I went to's support page looking for contact info. In this kind of emergency situation, I found the best way is to talk to them on the phone or do a live Chat. To my disappointment, there's no contact phone number on's website and on... ❯❯❯