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An on-line tool fo find link exchange partners

Found a good on-line tool for link building. Type in a keyword and it will find websites to build your links. Check it out: ... ❯❯❯

Google Sitemaps Tools

I've been trying to use the Google Sitemaps today. First I tried to install the scripts recommanded by Google but found it was kinda too complicated and gave it up (also because it needs to be run from the command line and I don't have SSH access to some of my website servers). Then I started reading postings in the Google Sitemaps Group, trying to find some easy-to-use 3rd party tools to create... ❯❯❯

Search Engines penalize duplicate content

I have read some articles regarding SEO and duplicate web contents. It seems like search enginese, espeically Google, will penalizes pages for having duplicate contents on it. The duplicate contents might come from other websites. Because Google keeps a large database of websites and it has smart algorithm, it can detect duplicate contents and penalize the pages. So I guess to avoid being... ❯❯❯

eBook Review: Google AdWords 123

There are a few eBooks on Google Adwords on the market, but I found Google AdWords 123 (by Greg Heslin) is really worth reading. I bought this book online and finished reading it in half day. I think and key strength of Google AdWords 123 is that the author has taken a non-BS step-by-step approach in writing this book. The steps are very clear and well-organized such that everybody can easily... ❯❯❯

Google Sitemaps

Google recently launched a new program called Google Sitemaps. This program (free, currently still in Beta) is designed to help website owners to get their website pages get crawled by google. If you want to take advantage of Google Sitemaps, you need to place a Sitemap-formatted file on your webserver. By doing so you enable Google's crawlers to find out what pages are present and which have... ❯❯❯

Click Ad Equalizer Review

Click Ad Equalizer is cutting-edge, state-of-the-art software that can give you the advantage you need to make your affiliate programs and keyword advertising soar to new levels. No other software has been able to replicate or provide the same menu of services and features that are offered by Click Ad Equalizer. Whether you already sell something online, or just looking to start, you owe it to... ❯❯❯

SEO Elite Review

Is it really possible to achieve a number one position in search engines using SEO Elite? "Yes!" says Brad Callen, SEO Consultant & Internet Marketer and creator of this revolutionary software. " SEO Elite is NOT another costly search engine optimization (SEO) service, outdated search engine 'how-to' program, or complex software that uses illegal or unethical tricks to gain top search engine... ❯❯❯