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Magazine Style Wordpress Theme

Found a nice magazines style wordpress theme branfordmagazine: DEMO DOWNLOAD SUPPORT FORUMS TUTORIALS And there're a couple of lists for magazine style wordperss themes: For a list of best wordpress themes, check out this site:... ❯❯❯

Installing a CPAN Perl module from a non-root account

Source: Problem: you do not have root permission but want to install a Perl module in a local directory and the module can be located from your scripts. CPAN Perl modules Refer to Installing CPAN Modules and this section in the CPAN FAQ. Download the Perl module Find the Perl module you want. Google or the CPAN Search Site are usually... ❯❯❯

Best of the Web Directory (BOTW) Promo Code (May 2009)

Best of the Web Directory (BOTW) is one of best web directories to submit your websites and blogs. Being included in BOTW's directory will help to increase your Google ranking and will bring more traffic to your site. Use the following promo code to get 15% off on All NEW Submissions and Sponsorship Advertising in the Best of the Web Directory and BOTW Blog Directory. This promo code expires on... ❯❯❯

Some Useful Sites for Web Designers

Below are some useful website for web and graphic designers: 1. Getty Images: lots of stock photos and images. 2. Microsoft Clip Art Gallery: you can find a lot for clip arts, provided by MicroSoft Office. 3. E-Mail Icon Generator: Convert your email address to images to avoid spammers. 4. Free Logo Templates: where you can download logos for free. 5. ColorBlender: free online color matching... ❯❯❯

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

I haven't used Google's AdWords Keyword Tool that much, mainly because I'm not an active AdWord user. However, I just learned that this tool can help to know what Google thinks your website is about. Below is the URL of that tool: With this tool, you can type in the URL of your web page and click on "Get keyword ideas". The result is what... ❯❯❯